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International Journal of Dental Science and Clinical Research (IJDSCR)

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Volume 2 - 2020 Issue 5


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1 Various Impact Of Polymer Coated Elastomeric Ligatures Versus Stainless Steel Ligatures On Retraction Rate

Author: 1Dr. Shankar Mahadevan, 2Dr. Sandeep Kumar, 3Dr Prushotam Pandit
86 - 90
2 Dental Diseases Among Children Attending Dental Department In Kolkata Child Hospital, Kolkata, India

Author: 1Dr. Ram Prakash Mishra, 2Dr. Bhavana Kumari, 3Dr. Prashant Kumar, 4Dr Radhika Devi ,
3 Diagnoses Immature Lesions Of Clinical And Histopathological Endodontic Origin

Author: 1Dr. Anisur Rahaman, 2Dr Vikram Singh, 3Dr Shilpa Patil
4 Symptoms Of Dental Trauma In An Adult In A Tertiary Hospital In Pondicherry

Author: 1Dr. Shankar Narayan Sharma, 2Dr.Om Mishra, 3Dr.DiptimayeeTripathy, 4Dr. Vishal Choudhary, 5Dr. Gourav Grover
5 The Reliability Of DW Plane In Determining Sagittal Disharmony

Author: 1Dr. Raghavan Rashmika, 2Dr. V. Chakravarthy Goutham, 3Dr. C.V Priya Padma, 4Dr. D. Varma Praveen
6 Oral Submucous Fibrosis- A Controversial Treatment When Accompanied With Systemic Disorders

Author: 1Dr. Megha Bahal, 2Dr. Vishal Choudhary, 3Dr. Gourav Grover
7 Peripheral Glycerol Injection For Relief In Trigeminal Neuralgia And Other Neuralgic Pain Treatment

Author: 1Dr. Karishma Pramanik, 2Dr. Ajay Singh, 3Dr. Vandana Pareek, 4Dr. Rajkmar Thakur, 5Dr Sanjay Yadav
8 Perception Of Pre-Orthodontics For The Patients In The Current Perspective Of Dental Technology Science

Author: 1Dr. Rajesh Kumar Bhardwaj, 2Dr. Madhusudan Gautam, 3Dr. Ragini Mahajan, 4Dr. Ramnarayan Dhruve
9 A Study To Assess The Educational And Training Implications

Author: 1Dr. Bhagirathi D Lakkam, 2Dr.Madhusudan Astekar, 3Dr. Shakir Alam, 4 Dr. Gaurav Sapra
10 Fish Derived Collagen Matrix of Clinical Comparison of Mucogingival Flap Technique

Author: 1Dr.Shiv Narayan Choudhary, 2Dr.Vishnu Kumar Mishra, 3Dr.DiptimayeeTripathy, 4Dr. Dipti Bhatnagar
11 A Good Technique Designed For Reconstructive Bifid Nose

Author: 1Dr. Naresh Kumar Joshi, 2Dr. Siva Kumar Pramanik, 3Dr. Rama kant Pachori
12 Comparison of Retention and Stability of Implant Retained Overdentures Placed On Ball, Locator and Bar Attachment Systems – Invitro Study

Author: 1Dr. Himabindu Ravella, 2Dr. Gudala Siva Kumar, 3Dr. Yalavarthi Ravi Shankar
13 Glass Ionomer Cement Containing Nanoparticles Investigation

Author: 1Dr. Vishal Dhanjani, 2Dr. Disha Parab, 3Dr. Angaj Malandkar, 4Dr. Shubhangi Mani, 5Dr. Nandalal Toshniwal
14 Fixation Methods During Vestibuloplasty Procedures

Author: 1Dr. Magan Lal Chaturvedi, 2Dr. Sucheta Jala, 3Dr. Garima, 4Dr. Dax Abraham
15 Treatment of Planning Mandibular Ramos Fracture: Research Article

Author: 1Dr. Ganesh Ram Choudhary, 2Dr. Malvika Mathur
16 Comparative Physicochemical Properties of Sesame Oil from Various Methods of Processing

Author: 1Dr. K.S. Maanickha Chelvi, 2Dr. Vasuki Devi A

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